The History of Speedo

Published: 10th August 2010
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The Speedo brand is one of the most popular swimsuit and athletic companies in Australia. Speedo is known around the world and is the best selling swimwear for athletes. However, there isn't too much that people actually know about Speedo and the history of Speedo.

This company has come out with innovative technology that has caught the world by surprise, helping to make champion swimmers even faster with their cutting edge and revolutionary technology in swimwear. You can find Speedo all over the world and it is the ultimate leader in swimwear brands.

The Beginnings of Speedo

The history of Speedo began on the famous Australian shore of Bondi Beach in 1928. The first swimsuit released was the Racerback suit which allowed swimmers free motion over their body. The first big splash for Speedo was when the amazing Swedish swimmer, Arne Borg donned the Speedo suit and set a world record. This was the big break out moment for world recognition for the bathers company.

Speedo Technology Throughout the Years

Speedo has come up with incredible water sport technology for their swimsuits. They defy all of their competition as they are always the first to come out with the newest and best technologies for their designs.

In the 50s, Speedo invented a swimsuit and created it all out of Nylon. Then in the 70s Speedo was the first to produce a swimsuit designed out of an Elastane and Nylon combination.

Since chlorine began to stain swimsuits, Speedo was the first in history to develop chlorine resistant fabric which was released in the early 90s. The latest swimsuits to be produced by Speedo were in 2000 with the Fatskin swimsuit which was inspired by shark's skin, and in 2008 with the LZR Racer which are worn by all of the top swimming athletes around the world.

The Choice of Champions

It is true that only champions wear Speedo as the history of Speedo tracks. Speedo was first seen in the Olympics a few years after their beginning in 1932. The Australian swimmer, Claire Dennis, happened to also win the gold medal that year in her Speedo at the Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Speedo has become so immensely popular that they sponsored the entire Australian Olympic Swim team in 1956 while the games were being held in Melbourne. Then in 1968, 27 out of the 29 Olympic gold medallists won in Speedo gear. Even the greatest swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps made his history wearing Speedo two times, once in 2004 while becoming the only swimmer to earn 8 medals at the Olympic and again in 2008 when he won all 8 gold Olympic medals.

Speedo has had a long and prosperous history that continues today. The history of Speedo has forever been graced with the highest quality technology for performance swimsuits which is noted by all of the historic champions that have worn this brand.

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